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I want to go for rehabilitation, cries out singer rescued by Bruno K

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By Joan Murungi

In 2021, singer Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K brought to light the plight of Oscar aka Scar, a singer who was formerly attached to the Big Tym singing group comprising of Silver Kyagulanyi, Larry Charly and others.

He discovered him with a rotting foot, got him free treatment, dressed him up, fundraised for money from well-wishers to bring him back on track and also took him to studio, where he recorded a song titled Togwamu Subi.

In addition to that, Oscar received a free stationery equipment and television set to get him started. A Good Samaritan, Scholar Nasaka from the diaspora, also offered him a house. The house is located in Kireka, Wakiso and that is where the singer still resides.

Weeks later, a verbal fight ensued between Oscar and Bruno K.

Oscar accused Bruno K of stealing his money, which was collected from well-wishers to help resurrect his music career. He claimed that Bruno used the money to repair his car.

Bruno K and Oscar

However, close friends say the fight broke out after Bruno suggested that Scar should be taken to rehab to fully recover from addition, something he (Oscar) did not agree to at all. Ever since then, the two distanced themselves from each other even after Oscar came out and apologised to the Omuwala singer.

In an interview on January 20, Oscar has come out to ask for support from well-wishers. Ever since he had issues with Bruno K, life hasn’t been good for him.

“After Bruno K and well-wishers helped me, there is a way the devil started to walk around my life. I would do things and fail. When I remember the good things people did for me at that time, I thank God. However, alcohol has been a very big problem in my life and that has wasted me.

“Whatever Ugandans decide to do for me to help me get back on track, I will follow. If they want me to go to rehab so that I can fully restrain myself from alcohol, I will go,” Oscar said.

According to Oscar, the times he spent with Bruno K gave him little time to limit himself from consuming alcohol.

“I don’t smoke or even do drugs. I take a lot of alcohol, I won’t lie to you. I might not have money to buy it, but remember, there is peer influence. Friends get excited to see you and start buying you drinks until you get wasted. I even started cutting off such friends,“ he revealed.

Oscar is thankful that Bruno K exposed him to many people in the diaspora and also gave him courage to keep working hard for the betterment of his music career. He is grateful that Bruno took Father Anthony, a priest at Sharing Hall Nsambya, who guided and advised him on the basics of life.

Oscar calls upon well-wishers to help him set up a business and also help him fight alcohol addiction.

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