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I split with Pastor Manjeri 18 years ago – Dr. Katongole

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Bethel Healing Centre Church senior pastor Irene Manjeri Katongole, recently came out and accused her husband Dr. Vincent Katongole, of cheating on her with three other women.

Manjeri alleges that her husband has been cheating on her for a long period of time.

“I don’t want you to be hearing this in a rumor that is why I have decided to tell you myself that my husband cheated on me with three women and he has a kid with each of them.

Though we have misunderstandings, I want us to continue giving respect to each other for the good of our children,” Manjeri told the Church leaders and Bukedde newspaper.

According to Manjeri, her husband has kids in each of the three women he has been cheating on her with and one of the kids is eight years old, another is 7 while the last is 5.

In an interview conducted with a local TV station, Dr. Katongole came out guns blazing.  He says he has been a victim of the pastor’s perpetual wrath, which prompted their divorce several years ago.  He accuses her of resurrecting their failed marriage after she got a whiff of news that he was set to walk down the aisle again.   He denies having any intention of killing or tormenting his former wife who prides in being highly connected.

While speaking to Bishop Nathan Ibrahim of Day Star Cathedral Mbarara About the standoff, Mr Katongole revealed that he actually Divorced Manjeri many years ago. Presenting court evidence with a judge’s seal, Katongole presented evidence that he started court processes to divorce Manjeri in 2002, with the divorce papers issued in 2003, almost eighteen years. ago.

He added that after some mediation from Bishop Nathan Ibrahim, he decided to get back together with Manjeri but she refused to change for the better.

Katongole shockingly revealed that Manjeri instructed the gateman to lock him outside the gate on more than seven occasions, with the man sleeping outside the gate on those occasions which put his life at risk.

He expressed shock that despite the fact that he had kept chosen to keep his troubles to an inner circle of friends, his former wife opted for the media causing them undue attention.

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