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I respond to messages from men to my wife – GNL

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According to rapper GNL, there are quite a number of men interested in his wife, Miriam Tamar and they actually DM her asking for affection. However, he said because they are free with and open to each other, every time Tamar receives a message from one of the men, she shares it with him and they first laugh about it before deciding on a suitable reply. He notes that most times he replies himself to encourage the men to send more so they can be entertained.
“I see a guy throwing game to my chick in the DM and I am like add some poetry. Add some creativity and I give them pointers to see if they can go through, but I am always on guard. I respond to several messages from men to my wife. I say, ‘I also find you attractive’ and the guy pours his heart then we laugh and ignore him,” he quipped.
Tamar also said the same, noting that it is funny how men pursue her knowing very well she is married and happy.
“Every time a guy sends me a text, I show him and we laugh about it. I do not know how it is going to feel in 20 or 30 years, but for the last 10 years it has worked for us,” she said.
GNL and Tamar started dating over a decade ago and got married in 2018 at Cielo farms in Malibu, Carlifornia. They returned to Kampala last year, GNL released the Spear album and they have since become part of the local entertainment news cycle. They have since formed a duo called Nsimbi.

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