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I realised my resilience after meeting President Museveni, says Salvador

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By Ahmad Muto

Comedian Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi has taken a dig at his critics, accusing them of bashing him when his photo with President Yoweri Museveni at State House, Nakasero found its way online.

According to him, it is the same day in January 2020 that he realised how much criticism he is capable of taking from those that think public figures should not be seen around the First Citizen, or risk getting branded sellouts and cancelled, especially for his kind of occupation that thrives on crowds paying to be entertained.

“On this day three years ago, I met the President of the republic of Uganda. H.E @KagutaMuseveni. It’s also the same day I realised how resilient I was when it came to being abused… Banange I was abused. Hooo if insults could kill, I’d be a memory right now… but here we are,” he captioned the very picture holding hands with the President

After the meeting that day three years ago, Salvador concluded that the First Citizen “is not in power by luck”.

“It was a great honour to meet the President. Who am I and in what capacity do I meet the President? Well, I’m honoured and humbled. The man is wise regardless of what you say. I think I’m learned enough to know that. I’m just glad he shared some of his wisdom with a mere me… son of Ombokolo. People are not in power by luck, this man shared facts and statistics that I’ve always seen but ignored. Well let me say I’m woke.”

Salvador had just appeared on singer Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga music video that was well received and put on massive rotation during the singer-cum-politician’s presidential campaigns in 2021.

That was shortly after singer Eddy Kenzo received an invite to State House, where he carried some of his accolades to meet the President. It came after winning the Best African Entertainer award at the African Entertainment awards. But most importantly, he had cried on Facebook live after his baby mama, Rema Namakula, introduced Hamza Sebunya, instantly popularizing “Gavumenti Weyayu” as a cry for help.

In 2015, a song titled Tubonga Nawe by various local artistes endorsing the President’s 2016 presidential bid pitched artistes against their fans for sometime.

It was such an issue of contention that some local artistes had to press ‘Pause’ on throwing concerts or performing on stage.

Bebe Cool had to cut short a performance after he got pelted with bottles. The crime was the song and plus the photos of them meeting the President.  Salvado must have done his cost-benefit analysis prior. 

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