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I only have eight children – Ebonies’ ‘Dr. Bbosa’

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

The Ebonies’ Sam Bagenda popularly known as Dr. Bbosa has revealed that he only has eight children.

In an interview with Bukedde TV, the actor, however, declined to reveal the name of their mother and whether they were all by one woman.

A few years ago, Bagenda agreed to a DNA test after a woman dragged him to court over child neglect.

He noted then that contrary to what the complainant, Joan Angel Ntege, was purporting, he had supported the child since birth.

“I need to know the truth because I am not sure about that child; taking me to court appears like a ploy to extort money from me,” Bagenda said then.

He also said then that he was supporting the child only to protect his name.

In the Bukedde interview, Bagenda refused to divulge details about his age. However, he is known to be the longest serving  member of the Ebonies’ group.

The other members like Harriet Nalubwama Makubuya (Nakawunde) relocated to the UK, and Paul Katende aka Dick Walusimbi passed on.

The Ebonies will today premiere their new stage production, Enkoloddoli, at Theatre La Bonita in Kampala.


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