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I make sh300m a single day in Kiwatule – Bebe Cool fires back at critics

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Bebe Cool, the people criticising local artistes following the alleged list from the United Superstar Musicians Association that they are seeking over sh9n do not know how much they make and spend. 
On his part, the list indicates that he is seeking sh670m. He argued that he makes about half of that amount in a single concert in Kiwatule. How? He explained: “If you divide it by two, I make sh300m in a single show in Kiwatule. If I get sh100m in sponsorship, I get 10,000 to 20,000 people or 10,000 people each paying sh20,000. That is 200m. That is put a side. If I have a charity taking heart patients to India, the issues of taxes go to rest.”
He also noted that Guinness made him their night football ambassador in January 2020, a deal that was going to earn him sh400m, but grounded to a halt because of Covid-19 after the Nigerian leg that was graced by former English football star, Rio Ferdinand. 
“At the start of January, I was made a Guinness ambassador by Uganda breweries, if I had finished, I was to earn sh400m in three months. After the Nigerian leg, we had to take it to all East African countries, but all that came to a halt,” he explained.  
Bebe Cool also said through his Golden Hearts Foundation, he has taken children with heart problems to India for treatment, spending a minimum of sh30m on each and he also helps very many other people so he deserves the handout.   
However, he said social media has so many fake things and so, the letter was shared to put them on the spot and incense the public, because Operation Wealth Creation later communicated that they had not received the letter. 

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