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I look healthy because I found a friend and peace – MC Kats

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By Ahmad Muto
City events emcee and media personality, Edwin Katamba, alias MC Kats, has opened up about how healthy and serene his life has become. According to him, he got a friend in Caroline Marcah Mirembe who brought him peace, explaining that he consistently now does things good for his health that he never did years ago.
“I am looking good because I got a friend who brought me peace. You know when you have someone who says today you are not going to sleep in the bar, today you are going to eat, today let us go buy clothes, today take your medicine,” he said.
He also noted that he has a personal counsellor who checks on him regularly, even a month before it is due. About the person who brought him peace and made sure he adopted a healthy lifestyle, media personality, Marcah, he said she does HIV tests every month, not because of him, but that is how he found her.
“Caroline Marcah checks herself I think after every one month and that is how she is. I found her doing that already. She has a personal doctor and it has nothing to do with me. And Fille is absolutely and also negative,” he said.
MC Kats and Marcah held a Facebook live session in July where she displayed her HIV test results that showed negative and explained that it is possible to be friends with HIV positive people.

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