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I know nothing about MC Kats’ Muswangali, says Benon

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By Ahmad Muto

Swangz Avenue’s Benon Mugumbya has responded to media personality MC Kats’ allegations that they developed the blueprint for what later became Swangz Avenue.

Kats, in a video that went viral in January, claimed that he singlehandedly introduced the establishment’s co-founder, Julius Kyazze, to everything he knows today – local celebrities, popularising Buzz Events, school tours – but never received even a million shillings from Kyazze.

Then he claimed Swangz Avenue morphed from a studio in Makindye they called Muswangali, a garage that only had a laptop and keyboard. However, Benon said he has no idea about Muswangali.

“First of all, the Muswangali that he talked about isn’t known to me. Even the one they started with one laptop, I also don’t know it. And that’s the truth, I am not pretending. I saw the clip,” said Benon as he was appearing on a local television station. 

MC Kats also claimed that dancehall singer Vampino singlehandedly started Swangz Avenue. That he toiled in the US for months to get a mixer and money, but ended up with no shares in the establishment.

Benon said his former music partner – Benon and Vamposs – never signed up with Swangz Avenue and the studio was not actually in a garage, but his bedroom.

“Vampino has never been signed to Swangz Avenue.  The studio started in my bedroom and we worked with the Mowzey’s (Radio) and a lot of other artistes would come around.”

After MC Kats’ epic rant, Vampino told The Kampala Sun that he had his eyes on MC Kats and his boiling rage, but was treading carefully not to get caught up in it. He asked the emcee to tame his anger. 

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