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I have money to get any woman I want – Lwasa

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By Hussein Kiganda

The way to a woman’s heart is through money, according to Masaka city-based business tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

In an interview, the tycoon boasted that he can get any woman he wants because women want money and he has it in plenty.

“Why does the media care about how many women I can get? I can get one woman today and get another the next day because women want money and I have it,” he boasted. 

Lwasa warned people against interfering in the way he spends his money, saying the only way to chop it is by dishing it out to women.

“If I keep away from them (women), who will eat my money then? I am trying to devise means of spending my money, so leave me alone,” he implored.

Lwasa paraded a new woman on Sunday, May 15, after a bitter split from Angel Kwakunda, who he married traditionally in 2021.

“She is my new woman, in other words my girlfriend,” he confirmed his relationship status with the new woman.

Lwasa has dated several women, including TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi,  and singer Desire Luzinda.

When he set his sights on South Africa-based socialite Zari Hassan, he was told to stay in his own lane.

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