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I have it all before 30 years, boasts Fabiola

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Eight years ago in 2015, media personality and fashionista Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola’s world was crumbling.

She was barely in her 20s, but even at that tender age, she had given up on love.  Then working with a prominent TV presenting a popular show, Be My Date, she couldn’t find a man for herself.

She became tabloid fodder after her liaisons with a fellow male staffer were unearthed.

Her eviction from a posh apartment over rent and suspect hygiene made headlines. 

“Filthy Fabiola evicted from posh apartment,” headlines then read.

The story detailed a world of wild house parties, appalling hygiene, name it. 

Fabiola was christened a sexy, smoking sleazy rent defaulter. This misfortune was followed by news that extortionists were demanding as much as sh7m from her in exchange for her nudes which were in their possession.

The extortionists had their way. Fabiola was fired from the station for disgracing the brand after her inappropriate pictures leaked to the media.

She then claimed she was not fired, but rather resigned out of respect for the brand and personal decisions.

In an interview with media personality Crystal Newman in the same year, Fabiola claimed she was off the dating scene and was determined to focus on rebuilding herself. 

Then, she said: “I am the sweetest person on the planet. I am a kind, shy, determined, ambitious and friendly person.  I desire to find someone of the same qualities.”

Fabiola and businesman Meddie Ssentongo at the concert of Jamaican singers Busy Signal and Konshens in Lugogo in 2015

Fabiola, an ‘Ivy league’ schooled girl by Ugandan education standards, attracted the highflyers. Her first relationship with Mo Red Mayanja, son of businesswoman Sarah Kizito, was one for the gallery.  She mentioned that she had no regrets leaving him.

In 2018, Anita Fabiola’s life began taking the turn she had always desired when she started dating her fiancé Mark Ronald Mubiru.

If Fabiola was open about her other previous relationships, she kept her affair with Mark Ronald Mubiru close to her chest. 

Theirs was a closely guarded affair, speculation abound how she had found a Nigerian man; just like singer Desire Luzinda’s man, Franklin Ebenhron, who sadly leaked Desire’s nudes. 

Even with the rumours gaining momentum, Fabiola and her man were quiet. They only fed their fans with loved up photos as they lapped at exotic resorts.  It turns out he is a son of very wealthy parents in Kampala and as heir-apparent, he has a large control in their expansive real estate business.

Their engagement caught many off guard. Mark Ronald Mubiru proposed in the Maldives where the two are away on vacation celebrating his birthday.

The rest have been happy memories which culminated in okugamba obugenyi and kuhingira recently.  Fabiola is a picture of bliss.

 On Tuesday, she took to her Instagram account to reveal how she has defied the odds. She is grateful to God for having acquired her dream life before making 30 years.

“Dream Business, Dream Home, Dream Car and Dream man all before 30,” she wrote.

She is particularly happy that she has since mended her frosty relationship with her father, Matthias Mugisha.

She is adamant that if ever there are any tears she will cry with Mark Mubiru, they will be tears of joy. He is her knight in shining amour and all that is left are beautiful babies.

Mathias Mugisha, Fabiola’s father

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