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I have the right to walk into any nightclub for free – Nwagi

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Fresh from filling Lugogo Cricket Oval, the average person would expect Winnie Nwagi to spend money with minimal fuss.

It is the opposite.  The Musawo singer threw a tantrum after she was asked to part with sh15,000 to access Acacia mall-based Club Illusion.  The night club is known for hosting high end clients.

Along with her hangers-on, Winnie Nwagi thought her face value would get her and her friends into the club for free but the bouncers asked her to pay or leave.

Information on the grapevine indicates that Nwagi was told by the bouncers that the bosses had instructed them not to allow anyone in without paying.

Nwagi is fuming after she was denied entry into a night club. File Photo

The ‘Musawo’ hitmaker left the premises disappointed and resorted to venting her anger on Snapchat where she promised never to go to Illusion until their policies on celebrities are improved.

According to her, artistes have a right to walk into any night hangout for free and be given special treatment while there.  She reasons that club owners know that having big celebrities to show up at their clubs will definitely draw large crowds willing to pay almost anything to get in and buy drinks.

She went on to query why local artistes don’t get the same preferential treatment as international artistes who get VIP experiences when here.

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