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I forgave Eagles Production- Lord Fred Ssebatta

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By Jeff Andrew Lule

Legendary Kadongo Kamu artiste Lord Fred Ssebatta has said that he is no longer in conflict with the members of the disbanded Eagles Production band.

“The Eagles Production has already earned my forgiveness. I was so hungry at the time that I even wanted to write a song that would hurt them, but I abandoned the project following a voice inside me,” he said in an interview.

Ssebatta began his musical career in the 1980s. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he rose to fame with songs like “Dole Y’omwana,” “Bamulyasoka,” and “Nalwewuwa,” among others.

The troubled legend, who lately also claimed to have been deceived and cheated, maintained that the alleged claims of witchcraft made by the members of the Eagles Production band were unfounded, and he disputed them.

“You can’t bewitch someone who is already building a storied structure while you have nothing, therefore that was just ignorance. Even when the person you are enchanting is still alive and progressing….That was simply childish,” he said.

Ssebatta claimed that the group succeeded in damaging his reputation, which had a significant impact on his career.

“They merely damaged my reputation, and I can still feel the effects. Imagine someone who was successful but is now like a beggar. You know then, I had not yet devoted my life to God, and every time I would hear someone discuss those things, it would affect me,” he continued.

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