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I don’t need your help, Gift Ov Kaddo responds to Qute Kaye

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By Jeff Andrew Lule

Many people suggested that Gift ov Kaddo might be abusing drugs when he stated that he is at the same level as artistes like Tanzania’s Diamond Platinum, Nigeria’s Wizkid, and Davido.

Another faded musician, Qute Kaye, who is known to have been through a drug detox, noted that Kaddo needed assistance and was prepared to provide it.

Kaddo, in response to Kaye, emphasised that he is fine and does not require any assistance from anyone.

The faded musician said he moved to Kisinsi Island in Mpatta parish, Ntenjeru sub-county, Mukono during the COVID-19 to start business as concerts and shows were suspended.

On reaching the island, he decided to start a farm and a recording studio. Together with his co-workers, he also works on art.

I’m not complaining

“I discovered that it was even close to Kampala and had a tranquil atmosphere. I have a good life and whatever I say is done in good conscience,” he noted.

“So, when I hear some individuals claiming that they need to assist or support Gift ov Kaddo, I even chuckle. I was not present when you vandalised the side mirrors, my brother. Many of us felt sorry for you when you were detained,” he added.

The Traffic Man Officer hitmaker stressed that he decided to try out new ventures to show that “I can still work”.

“If a person without arms can work, why not me? Whom do you want me to cry for? That seems silly to me. So please don’t use my name if I haven’t already come forward to ask for assistance. Because I have my hands, I don’t want to be a burden to anyone,” he continued.

Artists must look beyond music

Kaddo also urged other performers to put an end to the glamour of showbusiness and begin making retirement plans as soon as possible.

“Some artistes simply wake up thinking about what they need to wear and the latest trends. I did these things for a while before realising they were doing me no good,” he continued.

Kaddo emphasised how incredibly eye-opening the things he had accomplished in his two years on the island were.

“I saw how much time I had wasted. While I was at the top of my career, my attention was always on the newest shoes. I used to search for the newest footwear and attire. I recently came to the conclusion that these items were useless,” he added.

“At least establish some other businesses and rear some goats and cattle. It assists in diverting your attention from fighting. I wish I had begun these projects sooner,” he said.

Kaddo noted that he was inspired by motorsport legend Arthur Blick Senior who is practising agriculture on the island.

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