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I don’t deal with promoters because I know my value – Salvador

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

The National Promoters Association (NPA) on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 put out a notice signed by the coordinator, Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo, indicating the booking fees for different artistes.

According to the NPA, the purpose is to “minimise the risks taken by the promoters in the business.”

They attributed the fees to the business environment, and to ensure it is a win-win for both the artistes and the promoters.

“According to research we conducted as promoters in Uganda from the lockdown, we have deemed it necessary to reverse the price of our artistes if we are to stay in business,” they wrote.

Perhaps sensing the artistes and their fans were not going to receive it well, they noted that the purpose is not to humiliate.

“We are not demeaning our artistes, but we are saving our job. Any artiste who is not happy with these guidelines is free to organise him or herself.”

Comedian Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi actually felt the promoters demeaned the artistes they included on the list, particularly Bebe Cool, who was given a booking fee of sh1m to sh1.5m and his contemporaries, Bobi Wine sh20m and Jose Chameleone sh4m.    

Hehehehe naye these so-called promoters bamanyira… How do you set my fee? Thank God I don’t deal with promoters and do my own shows coz only me understand my value… eh Big size @BebeCoolUG at sh1.5m… Kale mumanyira… it’s not even funny,” he tweeted.

Speaking to The Kampala Sun, Salvador said his fee depends on whether he is being booked to perform or emcee.

A get-together for a small group is at sh3m. The figure is adjusted accordingly for a private party, where the organiser is not getting any returns on investment, and the same happens if he is being booked for a show.

Salvador’s booking fee puts him above B2C (sh1m), Pastor Wilson Bugembe (sh2m), Eddy Yawe (sh1m), Fred Ssebata (sh1m), Haruna Mubiru (sh1m), Irene Namatovu (sh1m), Mathias Walukagga (sh700,000 – sh1.2m), Catherine Kusasira (sh800,000 – sh1m), Big Eye (sh500,000-sh800,000), Ronald Mayinja (sh2m), Vinka (sh2m), Grenade (sh2m) and Ykee Benda (sh2.5m).

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