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I do not solicit money for my charity or take people abroad – Zari

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South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has warned her fans against online scammers using her name and pictures to dupe people into contributing to her charity events and their travel for jobs abroad.
She shared a video via Instagram stating that she never asks for money from them to run her projects and also does not do forex trade like the scammers claim.
“I do not do forex and do not go around asking for money to do my charity events. There is nothing like Zari foundation asking for financial aid to go and help the orphanages,” she affirmed.
The mother of five also dismissed rumours that she runs an agency that takes people abroad for jobs. She asked them to block and report the pages, and also refrain from entertaining them.
“I do not take people abroad. There is an advert with my face asking people to send money because Zari takes people abroad. I do not do such stuff. There are a lot of people who have been scammed, but it always come back to me because it is my face being used, it is not me. Block and report those pages and stay away from such activities. Do not believe them,” she added.
In May this year, Zari was accused of scamming a total sum of $1,000 from Ugandans and South Africans. This was after numerous accounts were created in her name by scammers. One of the victims Gien Sithole sent her an email demanding a refund in three days or he would drag her to court. Zari hit back with a lot of fury, characterised by insults.
“I have always warned my followers about scammers, but it seems like you people cannot listen. This idiot accused me of begging him for money. I need to inform all of you that I have more than enough money. I do not need any of your small pennies. You small brained people are scammed then you tarnish my name. I do nit give jobs, visas and will never ask for money in the Zari foundation. And to this fool, I cannot wait to go to court and I sue you for defamation and my lawyer’s charges,” she wrote.

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