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I can’t attend ‘bivulu’, says Naava Grey

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By Mariam Nakalema 

Afro Soul singer Naava Grey can never be caught dead at bivulu (music shows patronised by the less sophisticated in society).

“I have my audience and I know it. That’s why you will not find me at any show or in places where there is congestion… You cannot find me at David Lutalo’s concert because he didn’t invite me and I have less audience there,” she said.

Naava made the remarks during an interview with The Kampala Sun at a Fun Factory show at the Kampala Serena Hotel on October 2, 2023.

The Soka Lami singer said she does not release music every now and then because her music is of high quality and her fans appreciate it.

Naava urged those that keep saying she is ‘lost’ to stop.

“People who say I am lost are not my audience. My audience always know were to find me. You will always find me at places like Serena, Protea because there are specific people I sing for who understand my music and they will not put me under pressure to release new music because I release quality music and my music lasts for long. My fans love it,” she concluded.

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