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I can never leave Fenon Events to focus on Tiktok- Michael Sebamba

by Editorial Team
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By Paul Waiswa
Famous Tiktok user Micheal Sebamba who uses the account Mikeyseems2funny in an interview recently confirmed how he can never leave Fenon events to focus on Tiktok. According to Mikey, he has been mentored while at Fenon and has gained the skills of being an LED screens Operator because he joined Fenon four years ago.
Mikey says that If he is shining and getting huge followers and fans on Tiktok, it is because God gave him the time to shine and he is using it well. He confirms that tomorrow he will wake up and he is nolonger funny on Tiktok or who knows one time Internet or social media will be totally banned in Uganda and when it comes to Fenon, the company has stood the test of time and has grown over the years.
Tiktok is just a social media platform and not a job though he says he doesn’t take it for granted that he gets to make some money off his content from endorsement and from followers. Fenon is Mikey’s full time job and sometimes he says he even fail to spare time and shoot some content for Tiktok.
Mikey joined Tiktok about 4 months ago and right now, he has garnered 173.7k followers and 2.1M total likes. His content is clean and doesn’t provoke any of his followers and it is only there to entertain them. Mikey says that it is a blessing in disguise for him because he uses the Production crew at Fenon to record his content and then posts it on tiktok. To become and online content creator, Mikey says he was inspired by Nigerians like Nasty Blaq, Mr Funny and Sydney Talker.

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