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I can never go back to an ex, Faridah Ndausi on Geosteady/Prima relationship

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By Mariam Nakalema

Actress Faridah Ndausi has shared her two cents on rebound relationships.

This followed claims that singer Geosteady and baby mama Prima Kardashi are back together.

After going their separate ways for two years, the two became the focus of the media in November in light of their appearance together in public.

The couple that seemed inseparable, appeared before the media at Cubana in Munyonyo, where they held a press conference and announced the return of the fourth edition of the annual Dine with Geosteady concert.

Prima also appeared in the singer’s recently released Sembera song.

“I pity girls who go back to their exes. Why would you do that? It’s a shame. Personally, I can’t go back to my ex. What if I find them with the same or worse  problems? I am happy for Prima and Geosteady for getting back together, but they have to be careful. What led to their separation may return,” Faridah said.

She made the remarks as she was shooting a skit with children in Mengo, a city suburb, on 15 December 2022.

Faridah Ndausi aka Nanfuka Zalwango was in a long-term relationship with radio presenter Omulangira Ndausi and they have children together. The two separated 10 years ago over infidelity allegations.

Faridah recently hooked a Nigerian man.

“Ugandan men don’t have true love like the Nigerians do. If my mother had not died this year (2022), we were going to have an introduction ceremony. Hopefully, next year (2023), I will bring my man,” she said.

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