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I can never forget the art piece I sold for sh5.7m- Artist Ssekabira

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Fine artist Robert Ssekabira, a local fine artist who has traveled the world because of his talent is set for an international art exhibition Brazil next year.

Although it is going to be the second time exhibiting in Brazil, the artists have called upon the Government of Uganda to support local artist.

“Many people don’t look at art as something that brings in the money but it hurts that when we travel out of Uganda, art pieces are demand like hot cake” Ssekabira says.

Artist Robert Sekabira is set for an exhibition in Brazil. Courtesy Photo.

He goes on and says that in 2018 during an exhibition in Australia, an art piece was bought for usd1500 (sh5.7m) by someone who liked stories about Africa. The art piece according to Ssekabira was about Uganda’s Wildlife and when the client saw it, he paid for it immediately. That art piece becomes the most expensive piece he has ever sold.

He goes on to say that he has been with the same art piece at different exhibitions in Uganda but it was never bought it and that explains how Ugandans have not yet appreciated art to the level where many artists want to see it.

Ssekabira’s aspiration is to have his own Art vocational school just like Micheal Angelo or Nagenda School of Art.

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