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I can never fall out with Diamond Platnumz, manager

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Business executive Sallam SK Mendez, has opened up on viral reports claiming he has  ditched Diamond Platnumz’ Wasafi Record Label (WCB) for Harmonize KondeGang Worldwide Record Label

In his words, “that will never happen”.

For close to four months now, Diamond and his trusted manager  haven’t been spotted together as it’s always been the norm

escribed as the nuts and bolts to the successes of Diamond’s music career and business empire, self-titled El Jefe (The Boss) Mendez hasn’t been seen in public with Diamond on his key functions and events that the ‘Jeje’ hit-maker has been involved in in those four months, leading to reports that the two had a fall out.

“Diamond and I are  very cool, we all know we don’t have to hang out together every other time. He is a business guy and so am I. As such we are always busy. Public not seeing us together doesn’t mean we don’t communicate, we do that all the time, that is why we have phones.”

According to the reports, the fall out was occasioned by Sallam’s move to expand his media enterprise by launching a radio station Mjini FM radio station.

The reports claimed Diamond wasn’t happy because he saw this as a direct competition to his Wasafi FM station, claims which Sallam dismisses.

“The idea of Diamond to launch his Wasafi TV and Wasafi FM originated from my initial venture when I started Dizzim Online (media platform), so I don’t think that should be an issue.” Sallam explains.

ue.” Sallam explains.

Sallam says the reason he hasn’t been seen by Diamond side in those few months is because he was busy setting up Mjini FM which is about two months old now.

“As you know such an investment requires so much attention and time, and as such I asked Babu Tale whom together we manage Diamond to take charge and should there be any travels he will be the one to go.”

With the fall out rumors widespread and even made more viral with a video of him and Harmonize embracing in Zanzibar, another report emerged.

The reports claimed he was joining Harmonize and help manage his KondeGang label.

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