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I can never do butt-lift surgery – Prima Kardash

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By Ahmad Muto

City socialite and singer Geosteady’s baby mama, Prima Kardash has scoffed at critics who trolled her after sharing a bikini photo while in Dubai recently. Prima, who flew to the United Arab Emirates city with her boyfriend, Mr. Henrie became a subject of scorn, with especially her butt receiving the verbal lashing, laced with proposals that she seeks surgery.  

According to them, she has ‘craters’ in her butt cheeks that many associate with injections during childhood.

She has reacted telling them she will not consider surgery because there is no way she could have gone swimming in a gomesi. She also noted that many women have those depressions and therefore she is confident.

“I am not going to do surgery because I have a hole that some people don’t like. I was on vacation going to swim so I wore my bikini. Maybe if I have money in the future I will. That hole they claim many women have it and they are scared to do it. I am confident and not willing to change anything about my body,” she explained.

She also added that over time, she has resigned to the fact that social media users hide behind keyboards throwing their frustration at happy people, a thing she gives no mind.

“People on social media don’t know me, to get hurt by their opinion. People have their issues and because they know you can’t find them, they comfortably heap their frustration on you,” he said.

Last year, singer Winnie Nwagi received the same energy while on vacay in Western Uganda. She shared a photo that showed a butt cheek depression. It became a subject of cartoons and a reminder that she is a mother who should learn to behave.

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