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I am working on being a nnalongo – Irene Ntale

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The Soul-R&B Safari Baileys Picnic is on this weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend) at Kampala Serena Hotel Gardens. The highly-billed show has been preceded by drama, starting with the announcement of Juliana Kanyomozi as the headliner, through to her walking out of it and then the announcement of other divas as headliners. Musa Ssemwanga spoke to Irene Ntale, one of those set to perform.

Q: How did you perceive the organiser’s decision to have you on this big event?

A: I was more than excited on receiving their call. It’s a dream come true to headline a concert of such a caliber. I am humbled.

Q: You’ve not performed for a long while, what should your fans expect?

A: They should expect to be blown away with an energetic and breathtaking acoustic performance. I was born for this – live band.

Q: Do you recall a time you shared a stage with Toro princess and singer Juliana Kanyomozi?

A: I doubt I have ever shared the stage with her, but it’s one of my dreams and I pray one day it comes true.

Q: What’s your take on her last-minute decision to withdraw from the event?

A: Please ask me about my favourite drink… I didn’t even know that she was part of the show in the first place (her facial expression changes).

Q: What about your favourite drink?

A: It’s currently the best on the land. I won’t mention it due to contractual obligations.

Q: Back to the event, the organisers are known for being strict, perfectionists and stage performance-conscious. How prepared are you?

A: I am rehearsing hard every day at Crystal Klear studios in Kololo. I am not taking this show for granted. I have also cut out hanging out to rest my voice. So that is how prepared and focused I am.

Q: Your latest project, Ndaga, gives the impression that you have finally found someone to love.

A: Love is a wonderful thing, but this time I wasn’t singing about myself, but about something that touches every one’s heart.

My new song encourages lovers to open up to each other, show them in public and be proud of each other, simple. The song was written by Ray Signature.

Q: A few years back you released a new EP (Sukaali), but there’s nothing much to talk about it. What happened?

A: The EP promotion was affected by the pandemic. It’s for that reason that I found it fit not to invest in it, but to my fans, it’s a musical journey that they are proud of.

Q: Before I let you go on air (she had an interview on XFM with Denzel on his weekday evening programme, The Xzit), you talked about giving birth to twins, how far have you gone on your quest?

A: God willing, I will give birth to them. It’s my prayer and I am working on it. Please pray for me. I can’t wait to be addressed as Nalongo Irene Ntale

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