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I am too big for local TV- Straka Mwezi

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Veteran TV presenter, Pamela Otti famously known as Straka Mwezi has ruled out ever returning to the airwaves.  She reasons that she is too big for local Television.

To the uninitiated, especially the millennials, Straka was that chubby and bubbly free-spirited Late Show presenter on the defunct WBS TV in the early 2000s.

Known for her outlandish multi-coloured out fit and oft spiky hair, she had an on-set chemistry with her fans.  Off set, she courted controversy in equal measure and became fodder for local tabloids.  Then she left.

Straka recently made a comeback and her followers were particularly stunned by drastic weight loss and refined look.  Was she set for a TV comeback?  Straka rubbished all insinuations.  

Straka Mwezi was once known for her outlandish fashion sense and spiky hair ( Photo: File)

On Saturday she revealed how she was no longer on the level of being employed as a TV presenter.  “I am no longer at the level of being employed as a TV presenter.   I can however volunteer as a consultant.  I carry and experience of 18 years. I don’t intend to brag but if anyone doesn’t have enough money, they shouldn’t bother engaging me,” she said.

In 2019, Straka made a comeback looking slim and svelte (photo: courtesy)

True to form, when she appeared at the UG connect concert, she proved her mojo was still intact.  She made an appearance last Saturday during the UG Connect Hope concert as an emcee but left with her head held (up) high with her deliverance.

There was good chemistry between her and other co-hosts as she virtually engaged the virtual audience, she was well updated with the latest songs and artists and was visibly charmed on returning to the big stage.

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