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I am still on good terms with Rema, says Kenzo

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By Hussein Kiganda

For a considerable amount of time, there has been a widely-held belief that the relationship between singer Eddy Kenzo and his former lover and baby mama, Rema Namakula, is strained.

Despite Rema moving on with her life, people still believe that there is unfinished business between the former couple.

However, Kenzo has a different perspective on the matter. During an interview, the Weekend singer explained that he holds no ill feelings towards Rema, and that their distance is due to her being a married woman whom he respects.

He affirmed that they are co-parenting amicably, and Rema trusts him enough to allow their child, Aamaal, to spend time with him.

“I don’t have any problem with her. Haven’t you seen me with Aamaal? If she can give me her child to spend time with her, what impression does it give you?” Kenzo said.

He acknowledged that while he has no problem with Rema, he cannot simply meet up with her without an invitation, as she is now married to someone else, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, and that she deserves to be respected.

“Despite both of us being musicians, she is someone’s wife. If I wish to see her, I will wait to be invited, or I will invite her along with her spouse,” Kenzo stated.

Furthermore, the singer refuted allegations of being envious of Rema’s husband, affirming that he is happy for her and contented that she found someone to settle down with.

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