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I am sorry, Singer Grace Khan promises to reform

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By Alfred Byenkya

Artiste Grace Khan has promised to change her behaviour after getting a new manager.

She said her bad attitude of getting pissed off even on non essential matters is the reason why she has been losing managers and clients.

In a recent TV interview, Khan apologised for falling out with her managers, fans and clients.

“I apologise to my former managers, fans, clients and producers. I am really sorry for my past, but I promise to be a better person from today and I am grateful for having gotten a new management,” she said.

Her new manager is called Joel Yiga, commonly known as MP Rubaga South.

“He is a good man. He accepted to work with me despite having a bad past, where I have been a victim of being called a bad person, but he likes me as a person and I am determined to resume work again and become a better artiste,” he explained

The artiste has been in the wrong books of promoters, the media, producers and the public because she has been accused of sometimes failing to show up at shows despite being paid to perform.

Yiga said Grace is a talented young lady and feels she is the right person to work with at the moment.

“There is no doubt, Grace is super talented but she is challenged by different things related to depression,” he said.

Khna recently made a Facebook video and accused her baby daddy of being an absent father who doesn’t contribute anything to the well-being of their child.

She last had a manager before COVID-19 lockdown known as  Herbalist Kojja Kitonsa.

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