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I am ready to marry Suzan — Bugingo

by Editorial Team
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On December 11, 2021, The Kampala Sun will celebrate its 10th anniversary. As a warm-up, or rather kasiki, we shall reproduce some of our bestselling articles over time, in no particular order. This article was first published on May 10, 2019, but has been slightly edited

By Paul Waiswa

When Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s estranged wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo made a surprise visit at ‘their’ House of Prayer Ministry last Sunday, there was a universal sigh of relief and brief ululations. Many assumed that her reunion with Pastor Bugingo, to whom she’s been married for the past 29 years, was to be sealed with a kiss. But when Bugingo finally surfaced, he extended a limp handshake. He looked nervous, uncertain and uninvolved.

Teddy, who avoided eye contact, looked like she had come face to face with an apparition. There was no chemistry.  Their meeting only heightened the ongoing strife. Bugingo later took to the airwaves to claim his wife was accompanied by gun-toting individuals who wanted to kill him and his congregation.

Following the ‘revelations’, the consensus among sections of the public was that Bugingo had turned to jellyfish and lacked a spine! And instead of going all the way to make his marriage stable, he has started preparations for another wedding.

Plans to wed Suzan Makula Nantaba are underway, even before Pastor Bugingo has been granted divorce. (Editor’s note: The couple returns to court tomorrow, Friday, November 5, 2021 for the divorce hearing). That he plans to leave the mother of his four kids in the cold and jump into bed with the mother of another man’s child is the stuff that provides material for gothic movies.

Bugingo recently revealed that he plans to unveil his new bride to his followers during a convention he will host at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole. Expecting a crowd of about 5,000 people, he will use the convention to make a big statement about his marital life. It will kick off with a procession, from Canaan Land, which houses his House of Prayer Ministries. However, it is not yet clear whether Suzan will be part of the procession, or will prefer to make a grand entrance into Namboole  to be unveiled as the illegally wedded wife (imagining Bugingo will not have been granted a divorce by then).

The Bugingos in happier times


Bugingo: I should have known earlier. Many family heads have died at the hands of their scheming wives and children. I serve a living God, who has alerted me early

The date is set and cast in stone. Suzan will be unveiled to the congregation on October 8, 2019, at a time not yet known. Trust Bugingo not to stick to the regular script. This will serve as an introduction ceremony, although for once, it will be the groom introducing the bride to extended family and friends.

“I am going to show my new bride at our overnight prayers at Namboole Stadium. Please come with your brides and we celebrate them,” Bugingo said.

However, he moved to do damage control. Last Sunday, he prepared his flock when he preached about his love for children.

“I have many children. Apart from the one known for her machinations (Doreen Bugingo), I have many unknown to you who are in school. I am still getting more and those will not be the last,” he preached.

 Pr Senyonga stings Bugingo
With each passing day, Bugingo is losing allies, the latest being Pastor Jackson Senyonga of Christian Life Church in Bwaise, who ordered the pastor to make up with his wife, lest he confirms he is a serial philanderer.

“Leaving your lawfully wedded wife for a member of the flock is promiscuity. He should go back to his wife,” Senyonga counselled.

In response, Bugingo flipped the script and said Senyonga had no moral authority to counsel him. Bugingo also said the time he spent with Teddy is immaterial because there were very few happy moments.

“I should have known earlier. Many family heads have died at the hands of their scheming wives and children. I serve a living God, who has alerted me early,” he said.

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