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I am not ready for babies – Bettina Namukasa 

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By Betty Nampijja

She has taken a while without releasing music. So, when she turned up for her birthday on Thursday, November 10, many expected a new song and a party.

However, Namukasa revealed her charitable side on the day by donating several items to the needy at the Mother Theresa Babies Home in Nyanama and Bakateyamba Home in Nalukolono.  

The Nu Eagles singer donated soap and various food items at the two facilities.

The experience did not leave her the same. It may take a while before she has her own baby.

“I would like to have children of my own. However, after assessing the situation here at Mother Theresa Babies Home, it is better to wait for that time when I am financially ready,” Bettina said.  

She also warned women to be more careful and avoid unwanted pregnancies.  

And just like that, on her birthday, Bettina discovered a new family planning method – visiting a babies home encourages you to keep away from the labour ward.  

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