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I am not leaving Kampala City, vows ‘Kabaka Mwanga’ boy

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

It seems like the “Kabaka Mwanga” kid is taking notes from Sijja Kuva Kampala (I am not leaving Kampala) singer Red Banton.

The boy, who trended on the internet a few days into January 2023, has revealed that he doesn’t have any intentions of going back to the village.

In the viral video, the 12-year-old Junior Luyinda says he looks cute, swearing by Kabaka Mwanga’s name.

In an interview, the boy said he has enjoyed so much fame and life while in the city courtesy of the video and will fight to remain here.

“The city is so exciting; I never hoped to be here anytime soon. I have seen and eaten so many things that I never thought I would see and eat. I never thought I would step in an elevator or eat pizza, but I did all these. I also ate a very big fish and I am enjoying everything. My life changed since that video was made and I am a whole different person now. I don’t want to go back to the village and I will struggle to stay and study from here,” Luyinda noted.

He explained that he made the video when his elder sister visited the village and left her phone with him. Luyinda thought of using it and recorded the video which has since trended.

There is a long list of internet breakers (those who stepped into the limelight after their videos trended), but all of them have had a “fall with no recovery”. Some of them are Mzee Jemba, MC Africa and Real Dance Crew.

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