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I am not going to force friendship with Bobi Wine – Chameleone

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Jose Chameleone who was weeks ago admitted in hospital, allegedly suffering from pylori; a stomach bacterial infection according to his wife, Daniella, has edited his list of friends and Bobi Wine is out.
The Wale wale singer was responding to a question in regards to the status of his friendship with the Fire Base Crew boss and NUP principal in a media interview. He said when he was admitted in hospital last month, it was the ultimate test of their friendship because Bobi Wine neither visited nor texted.
“When I fell sick, Bobi did not bother visiting, not even a message like a friend would. Being the NUP principal and good leader aside, what kind of friendship is that? For Bebe Cool, my birthday comes and he shows up with a cake. Why force friendship with someone who is not interested?” he lamented.
When Jose Chameleone conceived the idea of running for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor in the 2021 general elections, he attempted to join NUP, but his efforts were futile. He later said they worked hard to keep him out, sometimes locking him outside the gate when he showed up. Like Bebe Cool, he also has a long history of disagreements with Bobi Wine dating as far back as the early 2000s.

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