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I am not dating Feffe Bussi, he is just a friend, Karole Kasita

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By Hussein Kiganda

Dancehall sensation, Karole Kasita, has consistently refuted claims of a romantic relationship with rapper Feffe Busi, asserting that their bond is purely rooted in friendship, contrary to public perceptions.

The two musicians have always shared a tight-knit friendship, often appearing affectionate with each other, leading to rumors of romantic involvement. Speculations even reached a peak when rumors suggested they were sharing bedsheets, but both artists swiftly dismissed the gossip.

In December 2022, during a joint performance at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store show, the duo seemed to playfully acknowledge their affection for one another, embracing romantically while the audience cheered them on.

In January 2023, when Kasita welcomed a baby boy into the world, the pair celebrated the new arrival together, prompting congratulations from fans, though information about the child’s father remained ambiguous.

Despite Karole Kasita’s efforts to clarify their relationship in 2022, fans remained unconvinced, speculating that the two might be hiding a romantic connection from the public.

In a recent interview, the “Yaka” hitmaker firmly reiterated that she and the “Amiin Dada” rapper were nothing more than close friends whose bond had grown over time.

Kasita explained that Feffe Bussi was an invaluable friend who had supported her through challenging situations, and she proudly mentioned his name without hesitation.

“Feffe Bussi is my dear friend. He’s been a constant pillar of support, and I have no qualms about saying it openly. He’s been there for me in numerous situations,” she stated.

Despite her affirmation of their close friendship, Kasita chose not to divulge specific details about the rapper’s assistance, leaving the public unsure of the true nature of their relationship.

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