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I am never getting married – Sheebah

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By Ahmad Muto

Okay, Sheebah Karungi is done pretending. It is no longer about waiting to meet the right person with the right qualities. She has revealed that she will never get married. This was after reporters showed up at her video shoot with Danish based Ugandan singer, Joanita Zachariassen peppering her with questions about her plans. Joanita turned up with her baby and husband Zachariassen at the shoot, putting Sheebah on the spot.

According to the Boy Fire singer, marriage is totally not part of her to-do list. She explained that she is in love with the idea of a partner and not that of a husband as society wants, and went ahead to list the qualities she is looking for.

“I am looking for a partner, not a husband. I only need three things from this person. You cannot get all the ten. One, the person has to be so in love with me. In fact, obsessed with me, who I am and my character. As if he has never seen someone like me. Two, respect. Someone who is afraid to do things that will embarrass me. Three, Support. I want a man I can tell, I am going to do this and he asks about how he can help me. And not where are you going? When are you coming back? Support me like my partner, like my baby, like my friend,” she enumerated.

About not ever revealing the identity of the man she is in love with, she said everything about her is known – where she goes, her house, her music so she decided to have this one thing to herself that is not known in the public domain. However, she noted that she respects those that do not keep their relationships private because maybe love is for showing but, her choice of privacy should also be respected.  

Joanita Zachariassen is an Afropop singer and songwriter operating under Black Market Records working on a song titled You lied with Sheebah. She worked on a song titled Kyoyagala with rapper, The Mith released in 2017.

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