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I am God’s property, MP Joel Ssenyonyi

by Editorial Team
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By Mariam Nakalema 

Nakawa West MP Joel Ssenyonyi is a man of many talents.  The former journalist, lawyer, turned politician is a born-again and a great poet too. 

During Coopy Bly’s concert at the Hockey Grounds on Friday evening, Ssenyonyi and his wife Febress Nagawa Ssenyonyi were some of the guests in the VIP wing.  

Although he initially tried to duck from the cameras, he had no where to hide as his wife appeared eager to talk to the press.

When he finally spoke, Joel Ssenyonyi revealed how he is a staunch born-again and how they (his family) were God’s property.

He even went poetic to prove his stance.  “I am God’s property, I belong to God, my name has been written in a never-ending love, when old Satan comes to hinder me, I can tell him to flee, For Jesus conquered him on Calvary,” he said.

The couple has one child but according to them, they’ve been quite busy between the sheets and the news of a second born shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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