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I am drowning in blessings, not drugs – Nina Roz responds to rumours

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Nina Roz has finally resurfaced and responded to rumours that she had a relapse and is back on drugs like she was not the one speaking against its use months ago. According to reports, she was mentioned alongside singer Fille Mutoni as the two female artistes currently consuming tonnes of drugs.
However, she has now responded in person, days after producer and singer Daddy Andre said she was fine, at home and not into drugs like it was being alleged. 
“I have been seeing news that I am drowning in drugs, but all I can say is I am drowning in blessings. My fans that are worried about me should know I am okay. I am still singing and very much outgoing,” said Roz.
She also asked those claiming she was in rehab to desist from spreading the rumour because rehabilitation is much more complex than they make it sound. She also accused them of fostering an environment of stigma. 
“Those claiming I am in rehabilitation this fast should be ashamed. It is not a simple thing to be in rehabilitation. As much as we have people that are using drugs, stigma should be stopped. We need to help them and not just talk about them,” she added. 
Also, she noted that while away from the media, she learnt from a fan that ‘blackmail is also a form of promotion.’

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