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I am disappointed by Cindy and Bushingtone – Bruno K

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Bruno Kiggundu, alias Bruno K, said the president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), singer Cindy proved a huge disappointment following her comment of his contract woes with Black Market Records. He accused her of bashing instead of defending him and the other artistes having similar issues. According Bruno K, he has a lot of respect for Cindy as a fan and her capacity as president, but was shocked to hear her accusing them of “signing contracts they do not understand” and therefore unwilling to get involved in their issues.
“Cindy said she is not going to defend us because we do not know what we sign. Cindy, you have never met me. I have a lot of respect for you. I am your fan. She has even ever gone on radio and said there is a song by Bruno K and Rabadaba (Turn me on) I like. I love Cindy so much. As my president, I expected her to call me or call her team and ask what happened. But she strongly went on TV and said we do not know what we are doing,” Bruno K ranted.
He did not stop there, he also accused producer Bushingtone of not seeking audience with the affected artistes to find out their side of the story.
“I saw another post by someone I respect so much – Bushingtone, saying Ugandan musicians rush to sign things they do not know. Bro! Have you listened to our side? Do not just judge us, do not just think we are stupid. This is my music. You are in the industry you know this can happen to you or people you care about.”

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