Friday, September 29, 2023
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I am being framed by Swengere, says Jinja Mayor Kasolo

by Editorial Team
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Recently, news filtered in that that Jinja City Mayor,  Alton Peter Kasolo who also doubles as a member of the Swengere comedy  outfit had secretly met with President Museveni.  The timing of the news caused a big rift with many accusing  Kasolo, who was voted on the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket of “betrayal”
Kasolo has now come out after a couple days and cleared out air by disclosing the cause of the antagonisms.
According to him, Hussein Ibanda alias Swengere  posted the harmful information that is most likely to cause them a bitter split.  He believes it was done out of sheer malice. He insists he has never and doesn’t plan to meet with the president anytime soon.
 He observes that like any other social media followers, he also woke up on that fateful morning and got the information posted and little did he expect his long time friend go stoop that low.  ” Who ever alleges that I met Museveni aims at full filling his own interests. And am being framed by Ibanda alias Swengere”, he said.

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