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I am academically superior to Bobi Wine, claims Bebe Cool

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Twenty years ago, the debate of who was more educated amongst singers Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine raged. 

Then in their 20s, the debate was quelled by Jose Chameleone, an A’level drop out like Bebe Cool.

 He claimed that you cannot deposit your academic papers to a bank as collateral for a loan. It was viewed as a sting to Bobi Wine, who graduated with a diploma in music, dance and drama (MDD) from Makerere University.

Twenty years later, with all artistes with children almost of university-going age, the debate of their education or lack of it is back.

Bebe Cool left people gawking when he revealed that his A’level physics, chemistry and mathematics combination makes him an academic giant compared to his nemesis, Bobi Wine, who has a diploma in music, dance and drama.

Recently, social media erupted over Bobi Wine’s admission that he has always been superior to his longstanding rivals, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

Bobi Wine was quoted as saying that his contemporaries are aware of his superiority in music, academics and financially. This stung Bebe Cool, who went bare knuckles.

“It is laughable for someone who has a diploma in music, dance and drama to think he can be academically better than a person who did a subject combination of physics, chemistry and mathematics at A’level,” Bebe Cool said.

Bebe Cool’s statement has already elicited a range of responses from online users, with some cautioning him against associating A’level with university. They reminded him that Bobi Wine is pursuing a degree in law at Cavendish University. 

Bebe Cool attended Aga Khan Primary School, Kitante Hill School, Makerere College School and Kololo Senior Secondary School.

However, he dropped out of school one year prior to his A’level completion before embarking on his musical career with Jose Chameleon in Nairobi under the Ogopa Djs.

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