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I am a billionaire but people still abuse me, Spice Diana

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By Bonny Ssemombwe.

For many people, singer Hajarah Namukwaya (Spice Diana) is a grounded musician who is modest about her accomplishments.  However, with more money, it appears even her modesty has flown out of the window.

During the Imara girl’s festival at Kati Kati in Lugogo, Spice Diana wasn’t in charitable mood.  She hit out at her critics, notably those who find fault with her music and her body.

 It was then that she declared that she was a billionaire with several houses, a Range Rover; so, her critics can go hang!  

Spice Diana performs during the Imara Girl’s festival. Photo by Bonny Ssemombwe

He urged fellow women not to lose esteem just because of the negative energy from people determined to make the world a hopeless place to live in.

“For every woman out here, I want you to know that you are very special and strong. Never let a fellow human being put you down.  You should start by feeling comfortable in your bodies. Never feel insecure when someone calls you ugly, dark skinned or one with no nyash,” she said.

She then reeled off her achievements.  “I am always criticised of not having hips but I thank God I drive a Range Rover, I am a landlady with several houses and I am a billionaire, but they still abuse me,” she said.

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