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How Wakaliwood’s Geoffrey Nabwana lost the ‘Who Killed Captain Alex’ original film

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By Ahmad Muto

Filmmaker, producer and the founder of Wakaliwood film studio Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana has revealed that he lost the original version of his hit action film, Who Killed Captain Alex, plus all its footage years ago to a power surge.

While appearing on a podcast on YouTube, he said the hard drive that had the film and another called Tebaatusasula (They didn’t pay us), got burnt when power kept going on and off for a while when he was using the drive.

Nabwana didn’t take caution until moments later when he realised the drive was burning, and it was too late to be saved. He is only left with a low resolution DVD master.

“What I have left is what is on DVD that is on circulation. The original burnt with the drive,” he said.

 Nabwana added that he also lost the films unused footage.

“When making the movie, the footage that I didn’t use was much more the film itself,” he said.

The cast, Nabwana said, came from locals who worked out of passion because Ugandans love action movies so they would ask to be added to act. He also revealed that his experience with some of the cast was wholesome and intriguing.

“People would get on top of a building and say let me jump from here and fall. And I would say no please,” Nabwana said.

Who Killed Captain Alex has a 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes (the globe’s most trusted movie review site).  

Written, directed and produced in 2010, it was uploaded on media streaming site, YouTube in March 2015, and as of this June 2023 has 8.6 million views.  

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