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How Ugandan actors celebrated Christmas

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

In Uganda, Christmas day is often perceived as a reunion time. Family members that have been away for almost a year make their way back to the villages, perhaps to remind themselves of those golden times in their childhood and to catch up with their “first cuts”.

Well, while it’s always a performance day for musicians, it is totally different in the film world. Actors either go offset for a break or remain near the production hubs to grasp their scripted lines in the coming projects. We bring to you some actors and how they celebrated Christmas.

The Nabwisos

Celebrity couple Mathew and Eleanor Nabwiso chose to spend time with family. They organized a simple but well-decorated bash where they hosted some family members and friends, to enjoy the day.

The Bizibu Actors

Filmmaker Swaib Nakibinge and Kafumbe Umar, known for their movies Topowa, Akapapula, Bizibu, and several more traveled to Kangulumila in Bugerere where one of their friends held a baptism party for his son. They told The Kampala Sun that it was an adventurous journey.

Lillian Kirungi

Filmmaker and actress Lillian Kirungi known for her movie ” Your Turn” spent her day saving lives. As an assistant nursing aide, the filmmaker who lives in the USA chose to give out the day to her patients and turn up for work. She told The Kampala Sun that on December 24, she enjoyed her day in preparation for Christmas. She went for the evening mass, went for shopping, and cooked Nigerian soup called Egusi.

Sinani Ssentongo

Known for his roles in Tembele, Akapapula, Dog City, Bread Winner and several more, Ssentongo told The Kampala Sun that the set was sweeter than food and outings. He chose to do what he enjoys most and that was shooting his upcoming movie.

Tania Shakira Kankindi

Tania who took up roles in The Kojja as Apophia, Atonement as Victoria, and several more says Christmas is not a big deal to her. She is a Jehovah’s Witness and in her faith, it is just a normal day. She stayed at home and stuck to making practice in acting.

Andrew Elvis Mutebi

Mutebi is the president of the Uganda Film Producers Association. He is known for his role in the movie “Shark Avenue” and several more. He spent his Christmas in the village (Namaliri- Mukono), in the company of his parents. They held a family lunch after which he took time to recall the great moments as a child. 

He told The Kampala Sun that the outings there were staged late and he is not a night person when it comes to village performances. He was scared of moving at night since the electricity was on and off. Perhaps he recalled the movie “Omusezi Mu Sanja”.

Douglas Benda Kasule

Filmmaker, actor, theatre director, drama teacher, and actors’ coach Benda chose family. He and his family chose to have a meal together to strengthen the bond they share. 

Joanah Jojo Nabakiibi

Known for her roles in Lala, Bedroom Chains, and sever more movies, Nabakiibi is a fan of musician Rickman Manrick. On Christmas, she spent her time with the Manricks and got a chance to rub shoulders with her celebrity, Rickman on his birthday. She is the team leader of the Manricks, a fans group for the “Naki Naki” hitmaker.

Immaculate Mutebi

Popularly known as the mother of actors for having three child actors; Shubrah Nassiwa, Imran Kajubi, and Samir Kajubi, the actress held akiika(a prayer or party by Muslims to welcome a baby in the world) for her youngest boy Samir Kajubi. On 24th, the child actor went for an outing.

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