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How singer Sheebah Karungi built her sh800m Queendom

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By Stella Naigino

We all have a past that we call history, but today, if you ask singer Sheebah Karungi about where she came from, she will quickly take you through her challenging life as a child.

She will narrate how she grew up in the slums of Kawempe, a Kampala suburb, so much so that she was hesitant to take her friends to her home, because of the fear of what they would say about her.

Well, today, she is happy that her story has changed because she built herself a five-bedroom house in Munyonyo near Speke Resort Hotel, which she named Sheebah’s Queendom. This project cost her over sh800m.

“I am sure my children will be proud to have such a home and will not fear to bring their friends here like I used to fear to take my friends home when I was a child,” she says. The question to ask now is, how did she achieve this milestone?

Buying land

When Karungi had saved up enough money through her singing career, she spotted a 14-decimal piece of land in Munyonyo and went for it.  

“The total cost of this piece of land was sh250m, which I paid in three phases,” Karungi says.

After acquiring the land, Karungi viewed several plans before she finally zeroed in on the one she liked. 

“I worked day and night, from bar to bar so that I could earn enough money to ensure my dream house project doesn’t fail,” Karungi says.

Inside her queendom

According to Karungi most of the materials used on and in her house were imported from America, Italy and China.

  • Her house has 15 cameras installed both inside and outside to make sure the security is well catered for.
  • Her bedroom has bluetooth and she can play any type music that she wishes to listen to even when she is taking a bath in her jacuzzi.
  • Her floor has terrazzo that are decorated with numbers, which she says adds to the beauty she wanted.
  • The sitting room walls have pictures of Karungi hanging there in all her beauty and glory, further enhancing the entire aesthetically-appealing environment that her home is.
  • Some walls have wallpaper on them which makes the interior decor stand out and this adds beauty to the house.


Karungi chose a multiple lighting system that gives off different ambience for different rooms and occasions.

The system generally gives a soft glow, hence achieving a natural lighting in her house.

There are also wall lights which blend in with the interior décor of wall paintings, pictures and and the brick wall finishing to create a beautiful feel and look.

The exterior

Karungi’s house has four verandahs with a bar where she hosts her guests.

“The compound has been designed with some areas having grass that has been incorporated with compound designer stones, giving it a relaxing element,” she notes.

Karungi encourages her fans and all those with plans to build to always deal with professionals if they are to achieve the best results.

“We all desire to have dream homes. However, this will call for hard work and dealing with professionals. It is the only way we will achieve our dreams, just like I have achieved my dream to own a queendom. Everyone can do it if they believe in themselves,” Karungi said.

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