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How plumber fell in love with singing

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By Hussein Kiganda

Cynthia Lika is one of the rising talents that came to the fore after the COVID-19 lockdown. 

With just two releases to her name; Yegwe and Sibyakiyaye, she has managed to gather thousands of followers on social media and has appeared on music charts on television and radio stations.

Who is Cynthia Lika?

Lika (real name Liberty Cynthia Namugisa) is a professional plumber, but had a passion for music right from her childhood.

Talking to The Kampala Sun on Monday, September 19, she said: “I had always had a passion for music since my primary school. I used to compose some church music and sing with my friends in the school Scripture Union choir. I love music.”

Lika went to New Horizon Vocational School, where she secured a first-level certificate in plumbing and home maintenance. Even with the plumbing papers, there was still a void in her heart, so she hit the studios to record music.

“Singing is my hobby and I do it for fun, not as a job because I am a plumber by profession and I work in a hardware shop in Nakifuma.”

About how she manages to pursue two careers at ago, she says she always squeezes time for music. 

“If you really love something, you will find time for it. I create time for music even after a hard day at work,” Lika says.

It is not everyday that you find a plumber (a female one at that) who is also a musician. It is something that baffles Lika’s fans on her social media platforms.

“A plumber? And a female plumber? Doing music? How do the two connect?” one of her fans asked wondered after finding out that the singer is a plumber.

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