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How funny personality saw Kefas Namisi build career in TV and film

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By Kampala Sun Writer

Rodney Kefas Namisi, professionally known as Kefas Brand, is an actor, businessman, media personality and influencer.

 He is the sole proprietor of Think Media Uganda which is Think Tv Uganda and Think Tv FM Uganda. A prominent figure in modern-day Uganda’s Media, Kefas Brand is regarded as one of the biggest and most influential African personalities of all time. Kefas Brand was born in Mbale city, Uganda, and grew up in Mbale city.

Kefas Brand rose to fame in 2014 via Facebook due to his popular funny posts. It made him get recognized by many to even making friends with. Popular stars in the country musicians, actors and comedians.

His funny personality saw him garner friends right from school and he was entertainment prefect in most of the schools he attended.  

Rodney Kefas Namisi has grown his brand owing to his funny personality

In 2018 Kefas picked interest in acting and started pursuing online film and drama lectures and attained a certificate.

 In 2020 he started a YouTube channel and started acting comedy skits on his YouTube channel (Think Tv Comedy House) which got a big audience.

In 2022, he started up an online radio Station (Think Tv Uganda FM) Later that year he also started forex trading and other kinds of investments. He is the CEO of Think Media Uganda.

Kefas Brand has quite an amazing personal lifestyle. He loves sad Music, football, and loves watching crime and detective series.

 He is currently in a relationship with Mabiya Shedrine with whom he has been dating since 2020. His Role models are, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pablo Escobar, his mother Mariam Namisi and President Museveni

Kefas has a strong love and desire for politics and seems to have an ambitious political career interest. For he says he would love to be a powerful influencer leader someday. He takes himself to be above everyone and nobody equal to him in a way he expresses himself around people.

Kefas Brand says he doesn’t drink alcohol, wines or even smoke. He also does not have any tattoos. He was involved in a motor accident in 2016 which left him with a deep scar on his head.

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