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How DJ Victor256 is promoting Uganda abroad

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By Hussein Kiganda

In the realm of gospel music, it’s rare to witness DJs breaking through to the international stage. However, Victor Ulokcwinywu aka DJ Victor256 has been proudly representing his nation on the global front.

On September 17, he had the honour of representing Uganda at the Prayze Factor Awards in Georgia, US. He was invited to represent the gospel fraternity on the African continent for this prestigious event.

In an interview with New Vision, DJ Victor256 shared that he was supported by Shoggz PR UK, a public relations company based in the UK, tasked with connecting various African artists with the global stage.

To promote Uganda to the American audience, DJ Victor256 made it a point to prominently display the Ugandan flag.

Additionally, the music he played was predominantly Ugandan in nature. He even went the extra mile by distributing shirts bearing the Ugandan national flag to individuals passionate about visiting Uganda. This initiative helped forge connections with potential visitors to Uganda.

“I represented Uganda in a unique manner; the national flag was always close to me. I even designed several shirts featuring the Ugandan flag, which I generously shared with individuals who expressed a strong desire to visit Uganda. I’m still in contact with them,” he emphasized.

Before his American gig, DJ Victor256 had travelled to Rwanda on August 2, 2023, and Burundi on July 30, 2023, to share his gospel music infused with the distinctive Ugandan touch. His visit to Kigali was focused on making an impact on the children at True North Camp, while the Burundi tour was part of the Pamoja Festival, bringing together gospel sensations from across Africa.

Reflecting on his experiences abroad, DJ Victor256 expressed that he had honed the skill of hyping up an audience, even when faced with language barriers.

In regions where English was not the primary language and was overshadowed by French and local languages, he managed to energise the crowd using a mix of Kiswahili, French words he had picked up, and the assistance of interpreters.

“I have learned a lot about the industry by interacting with diverse people and cultures, each with its unique approach. This experience has enhanced my skills because, in some countries where English is not widely spoken and local languages or French dominate, I had to effectively engage the audience using a mix of Kiswahili, the limited French words I know, and the assistance of interpreters,” he explained.

Currently, DJ Victor256 is working on his latest collaboration project titled Cyaan, featuring Agent Snypa, a Nigerian artist he shared the stage with in Uganda on September 2, 2023, during the “Alive in the Park” show. He is optimistic that, thanks to the social capital he has garnered from his international gigs, he will have the opportunity to undertake further projects in West Africa and various other countries.

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