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How Bebe Cool tortured Zuena in DMC car

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By Alex Balimwikungu

When Gagamel boss Bebe Cool sings about owning fleets of Hummers and Beamers, you assume that he’s has a smooth ride as regards cars over the years.

Today, he owns a fleet and gives off the aura of a big-time achiever.

However, in a Throwback Thursday post, Zuena Kirema, his wife, tells a hilarious story of Bebe Cool’s first car, which is likely to bruise his ego and open wounds of two decades ago.

She recalls that his first car, a VW Golf valued at sh400,000, was a nightmare, which taught the student of physics, chemistry and mathematics (PCM) a thing or two about rudimentary mechanics.  It was a nightmare whenever it rained. 

“When it rained, hubby would park it and we waited till it stopped raining…,” Zuena shared.

Zuena says the VW Golf was not such a dream car as they always suffered using polythene bags (buveera) on rainy days to patch up the holes.

“With these heavy rains lately, I remembered a story that I want to share with you. When I had just met my husband, he was driving a black golf car, which he had bought barely three months. This was the first car he owned and had bought it from his brother at a cost of Ugx400,000. This car saw days. It made rounds within Kampala city and different districts. It surely was our saviour, but all was merry during sunny days. When it rained ho ho ho hoooo, hubby would park it and we would wait till it stopped raining.

“If it rained when we were in the car, I would get one of the black polyethene bags (kaveeras) that we kept stocking for rainy days, and would use it to cover the gear area so rain doesn’t go through it. The water would go through the windows and open roof even when shut because the window seals were worn out. One thing I remember vividly is when we had to park and shift to the back seat and wait till it stopped raining. Plus, all this was happening when we are already well known. I had just finished contesting for Miss Uganda and mwaami had a hit song on the airwaves called Fitina. What God cannot do doesn’t exist. Be patient, your situation today will be better tomorrow,” Zuena said.

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