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Hon. Nambooze USA treatment:  MP Kabanda, NUP diehards clash

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The MP Kasambya County, Mubende District is as controversial as they come. If he is not ruffling feathers on TV talk shows, he is on Twitter doing the same.

Following news MP Mukono Municipality Betty Nambooze is going to be evacuated to USA for specialized treatment, he refused to be empathetic. Rather, he used a flashback which left a bitter taste in some people’s mouths.

Using his official twitter handle he observed, “I am informed that Parliament is making arrangements to have Hon Nambooze Betty MP Mukono Municipality evacuated to USA for further treatment. I hope the NUP fellas who organized demonstrations when Oulanyah was in USA do the same,” he opened a can of worms.

Hon. Betty Nambooze is due for specialized treatment in the USA. File photo.

Many called him ignorant and insensitive as they wondered whether Nambooze is responsible for building good hospitals here in Uganda. “I think u should first look for information before typing on public social media handles. Be brilliant,” Brian Sabavuma said.

Others were downright condescending.” It is better for you to be ignorant than knowing a little to confuse yourself. I want to challenge you to take a month without tweeting about NUP and we see whether u will still be relevant,” Ben Kikomeko responded.

Hon. Kabanda had some allies like Dr. Medard Bitekreyezo former Mbarara Municipality MP.  He said, “This time it should be NRM activists to demonstrate so that the NUP can also see how foolish it is when you play with someone’s life,”

In February, the action of flying the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah (RIP)  to Seattle in the United States of America has sparked friction with Ugandans in the diaspora under the National Unity Platform (NUP) umbrella sparking off the protests.

The Clerk to Parliament, Adolf Mwesige, confirmed that Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze will be flown to the United States of America for specialized treatment

“We have finalized arrangements to airlift her to the US for treatment. She is our member, entitled (to special medical treatment) and she is sick,” Mwesige said on Sunday, June 12

“And the consultants have recommended that she should go to the US for treatment and as you know we have been taking many leaders abroad,” he stressed.

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