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Hitnature, Rickman drop collabo

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Music group Hitnature has released a collabo dubbed Sikyetegela with Rickman Manrick. 

The song has already received massive airplay on international radio stations, including BBC Radio. Its video is tipped to premiere soon, but word on the street is that one member of Hitnature didn’t feature on the song.

A source close to the group revealed that the group reportedly parted ways, but this has not yet been officially announced.

“Shan and Abba are no longer together, but the group is still there. Hitnature is a trademark, so it remains there. Abba has stayed and he is the one who sang with Rickman,” a source revealed.

It is not certain how Abba will sing without Shan since the two made a great match in Hitnature.

Hignature came on the Ugandan music scene with songs such as Twazi Koze, Bakunazaki, Kyoto and Mamacita.

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