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Herbalist Kitonsa regrets dating Grace Khan, reveals he never planned to marry her

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By Hussein Kiganda

Herbalist William Kitonsa alias Kojja Kitonsa of Bakitonsa Research Center in Kampala has revealed why he never took up his relationship with singer Grace Khan seriously.

In 2019, Grace Khan and Kojja Kitonsa were alleged to be dating. The two got cozy on camera at Kitonsa’s birthday event, triggering speculations of a relationship, but Kitonsa maintained that he was just a manager of the Njakufa Naye singer.

In 2020, the herbalist ate his words, admitting that he had dated the singer, but said it was a mistake he would never want to repeat. 

On January 9, 2023, Khan lost her father and trust Ugandans to expect Kitonsa to make it to the burial even though the two were no longer an item, but he didn’t.

On why he never made it there, he said he was not invited and he doesn’t go where he isn’t wanted.

“At this age, I mind about where I go. I do not go where I am not invited because you never know people you want to go and console may not want to see you there at that moment,” Kitonsa said.

He also commented on why the two did not proceed with their relationship both as an artiste manager and lover, saying it was not in the plan for them to make things official.

“She never became my wife because it wasn’t in the programme. We were supposed to work together as manager and artiste, but not as husband and wife. What you saw as a kiss was just a peck and nothing more,” he said.

Khan has been linked to several men, including Henry Mwanje, Jovan Luzinda, and Prince Omar.

In July 2022, mother of one Khan admitted that she was unlucky in love. 

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