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Hellen Lukoma gifted with expensive ride by hubby

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

If there’s any female celebrity reveling in marriage at the moment, it is singer, actress and fashionista, Hellen Lukoma.  Her marriage to Anwar Kaka is almost picture perfect that those who know the couple reveal that if there are any tears the mother of two has shed since her marriage, they are tears of joy.

True to form, Anwar was at his romantic best when he handed Lukoma a surprise present of a Range Rover Sport on Valentines Day.  In a video doing rounds, Lukoma is overwhelmed by the gesture; she collapses in his arms and cries as soon as he hands over the car’s personalized number plates “HL” which we understand are initials for her names.

In the video released by Lukoma on her social pages, she is seen being taken to a car parking area where a black Range Rover covered with decorations and balloons was parked.

, Lukoma was treated to a surprise to remember during a small in-house gathering attended by close friends who break into ululations.

In the video, HL and her hubby, wearing matching outfits, appear quite smitten before Anwar handing over the car keys and licence plates to Lukoma.

Her friends cheer her on before she accesses the new ride which is filled with white balloons in the interior.  Critics however point out that the element of surprise was lost the moment Lukoma and her husband wore matching outfits.  They give it up to them for being great actors.

Regardless, congratulations.


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