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Heartbreaks made me stronger – Nina Roz

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By Dius Walugembe

Self-claimed Ugandan property, pencil-thin Nina Roz has come out to express how heartbreaks in love have hurt her a lot and she has come out stronger . 

In an exclusive interview with The Kampala Sun, Nina Roz says “I have gone through so many love transitions and I have been heartbroken in a row. I have now become a senior.’’

The balladeer, with hits like Ntika Nkutinke and Andele, insists that though the heartbreaks left scars on her, she is not giving up on love. She refers to love as the real thing.

“Even if we call ourselves gangsters, at the end of the day, we have to fall in love. We have to love and be loved because love is everything,” she preaches.

Nina Roz was once rumored to have been in a relationship with singer Beenie Gunter. The two then worked under the same label. It was however her relationship with producer-singer Daddy Andre that was much hyped. It culminated into an introduction ceremony at her parent’s home, yet her heart had still not found a home and the two separated after a short while.

Word on the grapevine is that Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are trying to fix back their relationship. Good luck to the couple.

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