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Health benefits of gin and tonic

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

We had the Gin and Tonic Day this week, and so it should be the same this weekend. Gin and tonic is an uncomplicated cocktail to make and it is especially popular in the UK. Tonic water used to be made with a lot of quinine for treating malaria. Today, it is made with much less quinine to make cocktails easier on the tongue.

“Making gin and tonic cocktails is simply placing ice cubes in a glass, add gin, tonic water, and lime juice over the ice and stir well and will be ready to serve,” says Nancy Bwana from Bri Liquor (www.bluerobinter.com), makers of cocktails.

Berries, which are the main ingredient, are a “power food” that helps in fighting infections because they are rich in Vitamin C. These berries have essential oils that give well-made gin its classic smooth texture. It can also be mixed with various herbs and ginger to get you through a sore throat.
Juniper berries are a diuretic which helps you frequent the bathroom and helps prevent water retention which helps in fighting urinary tract infections.

Low in calories, the botanical properties that survive the distillation process boost health. Gin and tonic also promotes weight loss as well as leading to increased lifespan.

Nancy adds that gin and tonic has lower calories than other alcoholic drinks and also contains fewer alcohol units.

Warning: Excessive consumption of alcohol is bad for your health, so drink responsibility.

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